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Whether you are looking for holistic treatments to improve your inner well being or beauty treatments for a little pampering, you will find the perfect treatments here. The treatments that I offer can all help to boost your self esteem along with physical and emotional well being.

Have a little browse if you're not sure which treatments you're interested in, or click the links to read more about a specific treatment:

Massages   Hopi Ear Candles   Gel Polish   Manicures   Pedicures   Facials   Brows & Lashes   Pamper Packages

All of my treatments can be tailored to your specific needs, but the below descriptions detail my most popular options.


Massage can help with a massive array of ailments. Benefits include reduced tension in the muscles, increased circulation, stress relief, faster healing of soft tissue injuries, improved mental alertness, improved immune function, improved joint mobility, improved sleep quality, reduced muscle pain and more.

Dry body brushing can be adding to any massage for £10.00 to help exfoliate the skin and to aid the body to release toxins (The brush is yours to keep after your treatment).

lash lift lancaster

30 Minute Massage (including pregnancy massage)           £20.00

This massage focuses on one area that you feel needs attention. This could be legs & feet, back, neck and shoulders or face and scalp, which focuses on your pressure points and is wonderful for releaving tension.


Traditional Indian Head Massage                                      £25.00

This 40 minute seated massage works on the pressure points throughout the face and scalp to relax tense muscles and reduce feelings of stress. A wonderful treatment for everyone, this is especially beneficial for those suffering with migraines, insomnia and anxiety.

60 Minute Massage (including pregnancy massage)           £35.00
This massage is usually a full body massage covering back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, hands, arms and chest, however a 60 minute back, neck and shoulder is also very popular.


80 Minute Massage                                                          £45.00

This is usually a full body massage, including face & scalp. This is a fantastic treatment for maximum relaxation.

2 Hour Massage                                                               £60.00

This massage is very popular amongst people who feel that thay are really struggling with a problem area, however do not want to sacrifice the rest of their massage. Timings will be discussed during your consultation, however, as an example, you may feel that you would like 60 minutes on your back, and the remaining time used for a full body massage.

Hopi Ear Candling                                                           £25.00

This 35 minute treatment consists of an ear candle being burnt in each ear in turn, followed by a facial massage working on your pressure points. The flame from the ear candle does not come close to your face and the treatment is totally non-invasive. The smoke from the candle gently warms the inner ear and a gentle vacuum is created. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may feel that you would benefit from a course of treatments rather than just a single treatment. Hopi ear candling is an extremely relaxing treatment, but can also help with: sinus problems, balance issues, excessive ear wax and more. 

* Only BIOSUN ear candles are used


Gel Polish

File & Gel Polish Nails                                          £20.00

Nails are filed and prepped, ready for your choice of coloured gel polish to be applied. Gel polish lasts approximately 3 times as long as normal gel polish, and must be professionally removed.


File & Gel Polish Fingers and Toes                        £35.00 


Builder Gel Overlay                                              £25.00

Builder gel is applied in the same way as gel polish, however it is much thicker than a normal coloured gel polish and is brilliant for building up weak nails.


Builder gel (short) extensions                               £35.00

Tips are applied to the natural nail to build length and builder gel is applied to increase structure and build strength. Your choice of colour can then be applied.

Gel Polish Removal                                                   £7.50/£5.00
Gel polish must be professionally removed to prevent damaging your nails. This treatment is £5.00 when having another colour applied with me. 


Express Manicure                     £20.00 (Add Gel polish for £15.00)

This 30 minute treatment is wonderful for a little pick-me-up. It consists of a relaxing hand massage, cuticle work, nails being filed and buffed. 


Luxury Manicure                     £35.00 (Add Gel polish for £15.00)

This 60 minute treatment is fantastic for tired hands and damaged nails. It consists of a relaxing hand and arm scrub, followed by a hand and arm massage, cuticle work, nails being filed and buffed.



Express Pedicure                       £20.00 (Add Gel polish for £15.00)

This 30 minute pedicure is great for tired feet. It consists of a revitalising foot scrub and moisturise, cuticle work and nails being filed.


Luxury Pedicure                       £35.00 (Add Gel polish for £15.00)

This 60 minute treatment is perfect for tired, aching feet and legs. It consists of a revitalising foot and leg scrub and massage, dead skin removal, cuticle work and nails being filed. Sit back, relax and after an hour you'll feel like you're walking on air.




Express Facial                                                                  £20.00

This 30 minute facial is ideal for when your skin is in need of a little pamper but time is tight. It consists of a skin analysis, and using the best products for your skin type, you can enjoy a deep cleanse, exfoliate, facial massage, tone and moisturise.


Luxury Facial                                                                  £35.00

This 60 minute facial is perfect for sensitive, acne prone or aging skin. It consists of a skin analysis to determine your needs and uses the best products to meet your goals. This is followed by a deep cleanse, exfoliate, face and neck massage, mask, tone and moisturise and leaves skin feeling clean and fresh and looking radiant!


The Back Cleanse                                                             £25.00

This 40 minute facial for your back is massively popular for both men and women and reaches the places you can't. This back cleanse starts with warm, damp towels placed on your back to open your pores and then an exfoliate to clear away any dry, dead skin cells. This is followed by black head removal if required,  and a cleansing mask before finishing with a toner.


Brows & Lashes

Brow Shape                                                                        £7.00

Brow Tint                                                                         £10.00

Brow Shape & Tint                                                            £15.00
Lash Tint                                                                         £10.00
Lash Lift (includes tint)                                                    £35.00

All About Eyes                                                                £45.00

Consists of a brow shape, brow tint, lash lift and lash tint.

pedicure morecambe
mobile massage therapist moecambe
facial lancaster
gel polish nails morecambe
manicure morecambe
hopi ear candling Morecambe

Package Treatments

Pamper packages are the ideal way to treat yourself and save some money on your treatments! By booking a pamper package, a discount will be applied, saving you money on the same treatments. These are great for a little pick me up, a fantastic alternative to a spa day, or a great way to prepare for a special occasion.


​If you don't see the mix of treatments that you would choose in the list below, please get in touch as packages can be made up!


Pamper Package Morecambe

Pick N' Mix

3 Treatments - £35.00

(Add 60 min massage for £25.00)

6 Treatments - £60.00

(Add 60 min massage for £20.00)

Choose from the treatments below to put together your own personalised pamper.

Each treatment lasts  approximately 10-20 minutes

Back Massage

Head Massage 

Gel Polish Fingers (One Colour)

Gel Polish Toes (One Colour)

Mini Facial

Lash Tint

Brow Shape & Tint

Foot scrub & Massage

Hopi Ear Candling Taster (Relaxing)

Mini Pamper - £50.00

30 minute massage

30 minute pedicure

30 minute facial

Top to Toe - £75.00

60 minute massage

60 minute pedicure

30 minute facial​

A Fresh Start - £85.00

60 minute massage

60 minute manicure

60 minute pedicure

Perfect Pamper - £115.00

​80 minute massage

50 minute manicure

50 minute pedicure

60 minute facial

 Under 14's - Party Time!!

                                                  £40.00 - 1 hours

£70.00 - 2 hours

£90.00 - 3 hours


If you're looking for something a little different for a child's birthday, why not try a

pamper party?


Each treatment lasts 10-15 minutes, and each girl can have as many treatments as they would like, time permitting.

The girls will get a choice of:

File and Polish Fingers

File and Polish Toes

Light Make-Up

Mini Facial

Hair up

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